Mesa Airlines and Sierra Academy of Aeronautics have developed a direct entry First Officer Cadet Program! Email us at  Click Here to Apply!

At Mesa, Recruiting Is About Pilots Helping Pilots Progress In Their Careers

Pilots choose Mesa because of the real opportunities that exist for both experienced pilots and newcomers to the industry. Mesa's training, job security and upgrade times are second to none. Since our latest expansion began in the Spring of 2013, we have hired over 800 pilots and upgraded
more than 380. A testament to our success and future opportunities – is the fact that – while our growth is among the fastest in the industry, our pilot attrition is among the lowest.

When compared to sign-on bonuses now offered by some carriers; it’s important to know our upgrades beat the value of their bonus time and again. Over a three-year period our pilots, on average, will have upgraded before completion of year two. This means, unlike other carriers who can’t offer upgrades for 5 or more years; our pilots will make $10,000 to $15,000 more than their peers elsewhere.

Start building your time to Captain faster. Your Experience Counts! We've upgraded experienced first officers in less than a year!

Average time on reserve for our first officers is ranging between 2-4 months from the completion of training!

Get paid and earn seniority while you obtain your ATP-CTP Written! 

Additionally, unlike our competition, Mesa Airlines does not have 50 seat or less aircraft to park! 

 Most Junior Captain By Crew Base:  Most Junior First Officer By Crew Base:
    DFW: February 2015
     IAD: September 2015
    IAH: November 2014
PHX: April 2013    
DFW: New Hire Base
IAD: New Hire Base
IAH: New Hire Base
      PHX: December 2015   

Based on current roster post completion of training 

Our fleet of large regional jets has grown to 128 with 5 more scheduled for delivery in 2016...yes, our fleet doubled in two years and we expect to continue our growth. We’re the only regional airline with no small aircraft to park and our codeshare agreements are among the longest in the industry. We understand your career goals. For job stability and a quick path to upgrade, apply now. It is a great time to join Mesa Airlines! 


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  • Pilots hired at Mesa Airlines receive a Airline Transport Pilot type rating upon completion of initial training (CL-65 or EMB170/190)
  • Pilots receive unlimited travel benefits including jumpseat agreements.
  • Family members (spouse, domestic partner, dependents, and parents) also receive travel benefits on our code share partners
  • Mesa Airlines offers competitive medical and dental benefits, vision, life, 401K and travel benefits with our code-share partners
  • ATP flight instructors receive tuition reimbursement  Learn more
  • ATP-CTP course provided by Mesa Airlines for those pilots who qualify

Crew Bases  

  • Phoenix (PHX)
  • Dallas (DFW)
  • Washington Dulles (IAD)
  • Houston (IAH)
Mesa pilots are initially assigned to a hub city based on current openings in seniority order

Electronic Flight Bag

  • Mesa Airlines was the FIRST airline approved for Electronic Flight Bag usage for all phases of flight
  • All manuals and charts are issued electronically at no cost via a pilot provided iPad
  • Each pilot is required to have an iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, or Air2) prior to simulator training 


  • Pilots will receive FULL monthly guarantee pay from the start of training
  • Ground Training is conducted at the Mesa Airlines' Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The Company provides single-occupancy lodging during training

Mesa pilots with less than four (4) years longevity are required to execute a training agreement as a condition for entering into initial, upgrade or transition training.The aircraft assigned determines the promissory note amount. The duration of the note is one year, which prorates equally over the 12-month period. If the obligations of the note are not satisfied, the balance, if any, is then payable by the pilot to the Company.

Qualifications (ATP Minimums)

  • 1500 hours Total Flight Time
  • 500 hours Cross Country Time
  • 100 hours Total Night Time
  • 50 hours Multi Engine Time, Fixed Wing
  • 250 hours of Pilot in Command Time, Fixed wing
  • 100 hours of Instrument time
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi Engine and Instrument ratings
  • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • Ability to demonstrate instrument proficiency
  • ATP Written (CTP training can be provided to qualified applicants)
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
  • Current Valid Passport
  • At least 23 years of age
  • Legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Able to pass security background check and FAA mandated drug test
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Ability to read and speak English language

Restricted ATP Requirements

  • Military - 750 Hours
  • Four-Year Degree from approved aviation program – 1,000 Hours
  • Two-Year Degree from approved aviation program – 1,250 Hours
  • At least 21 Years of Age – 1,500 Hours
  • 200 Hours Cross Country Time
  • All other ATP Requirements Apply

Mesa Airlines recognizes the skills associated with helicopter flying. Rotary Wing time may be included in Total Time, but the applicant must meet the 100 hour Multi-Engine, Fixed Wing requirement.


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Accommodation for Applicants With Disabilities: Mesa Airlines, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer and provides reasonable accommodation in its application process for qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. If you have difficulty using our online system due to a disability and need an accommodation, you may email us at or alternatively send a fax to 602-685-4350.  In order to quickly respond to your request, please use the words "Accommodation Request" as the subject line of your email or as the title of your fax document.

Candidates who have previously interviewed for a Flight Officer position are required to wait a minimum of six months before reapplying.


As an equal opportunity employer, Mesa Airlines recognizes that our strength lies in our people.